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Dollar Digits, Personal & Business Second Phone Line App

Dollar Digits is perfect for all your business phone number needs, regardless of what industry you’re in.  With Dollar Digits you don’t have to worry about multiple devices or complicated contracts.  You can pick the plan you need and you can change plans if the needs of your business changes.  Dollar Digits dollar digits phone number appknows starting a small business is a stressful process and your phone plan shouldn’t make things more difficult.  Dollar Digits values simplicity and straightforward plans.

Many business owners think that having a phone number for their business requires purchasing a second phone.  That isn’t the case.  With Dollar Digits you can have multiple phone numbers on just one device.  With Dollar Digits you have access to all the phone numbers you need, while still using your favorite mobile phone.  Just go to Google Play or the App Store and download the free Dollar Digits app.  It works on both iPhone and Android.  Once you have downloaded the app, just pick your phone number to start your free trial.  Once you have seen how Dollar Digits gives you the phone number and services you need then once the free trial expires you can just choose the plan that is right for your business.  You also have the option to pick a pay as you go plan.

Even though the Dollar Digits phone numbers are sometimes referred to as disposable phone numbers, you can keep your number for as you want it.  Print business cards with your Dollar Digits number on it! Put the number on your business website or social media site!  Use the personalized voicemail that all Dollar Digits numbers come with to record the perfect message for people interested in contacting your business!  Get your business phone number today with Dollar Digits.