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You’ve likely heard of Dollar Digits Free Second Phone Number before.  Their reliable anonymous phone number services are becoming popular with people from all walks of life who want to be free of the hassles of “Big Mobile”.  While you likely know how easy to use and reliable Dollar Digits is, you may not realize how affordable it is.  Dollar Digits is the best and most affordable way to have a second phone number.

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Download Dollar Digits Second Phone Line App

With Dollar Digits you don’t just have a reliable Free second phone number app, you also have a FREE second phone number app.  There is absolutely no cost to download the Dollar Digits app for you iPhone or Android.  Just go to the App Store or Google Play and download the app.  Because Dollar Digits is compatible with both iPhone and Android, you’ll never have to worry about the app

interfacing properly with the OS on your mobile device.

Whether you plan to use Dollar Digits to have a Free second number for your business or to have a private phone number for personal use, it is the most affordable second phone number app on the market.  It doesn’t get any more affordable than free!  For people who need more than one extra line, Dollar Digits is there for you as well.  The free phone number app is the perfect way to easily compartmentalize work and pleasure without having to buy an additional device.

The ease of downloading the app is matched only with the ease of setting up your number and plan.  Just download the free app, pick your free number, and set up your plan.  The first three days are free so you can be sure that you like Dollar Digits before you pay for a plan.

Download Dollar Digits FREE Second Phone Number App

There is nothing more disappointing than downloading a “free” app and then finding out that even though the app itself is free, you have to pay to do anything with it.  That doesn’t happen with Dollar Digits.  Downloading the free app from the App Store or the Google Play store is just the start of the free features Dollar Digits has.

After downloading the free app, pick the free phone number you would like to use.  There is currently no cost for the number with a subscription. Private Self Destruct Messaging is free as well.  After your free 3 day trial you can choose from several affordable plans.  The most popular plan is 30 days for only $3.99.  If you’d prefer, you can also pay as you go.  All the plans include personalized voicemail, SMS and MMS support, and call forwarding.

Whether For Business or Pleasure, the Free Second Phone Number Dollar Digits App is Right for Your Needs

With Dollar Digits, it is easy to keep your private conversations private.  Privacy may be priceless, but with Dollar Digits it is also affordable.  Calls made using Dollar Digits will never appear on your phone bill.  Dating can be expensive.  Many online dating services charge large amounts of money for membership.  Movies, restaurants, and other dates can cost quite a bit as well.  Using a “dating phone number” to avoid giving your private number to people you have only recently met doesn’t need to be expensive too.

Opening a small business can be one of the most financial difficult decisions a person makes.  Deciding to use Dollar Digits to get a business phone number is easy and risk free though.  With the free app, the free number, and a try before you try plan, there’s nothing to lose with using Dollar Digits for your business number.  Using the Dollar Digits app for a business phone number instead of just using your primary number allows you to better keep track of your business calls.  Dollar Digits also lets you create a personalized voicemail for your second phone number so your business customers won’t have to listen to your personal voicemail recording.  Dollar Digits lets you set a far more professional tone without all the extra costs of buying a second mobile device.

Downloading the free Dollar Digits app is the first step to setting yourself up with a professional and affordable private phone number.  Never again will you need to worry about someone hearing the wrong voicemail recording or weigh the risks of letting a new acquaintance have your personal number.  Dollar Digits frees you from those worries thanks to their free app.

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Create your fake phone number online > we text you the download link > install and start calling and picture texting, simple! Free number with $1.99 subscription! *Standard text rates apply


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