All about AT&T Customer Service

All about AT&T Customer Service

Customer service providers are visible nowadays. They
take part of the competition by providing viable
solutions to customers’ problems. Among the well known
customer service companies is the AT&T. Here are some
useful information about AT&T customer service.

AT&T gives a wide range of communications solutions
for all businesses sizes. Many companies are acquiring
the services of AT&T to increase their efficiency,
grow their business and improve their operations.

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AT&T store is committed to give customers outstanding
service and support. Providers can instantly be
contacted for product assistance. There are available
agents that will answer customer queries about any
AT&T stores. They are available between 10 am til 8 pm
from Monday through Saturday.

For those who will buy from AT&T store, it will be
worthy to know some basic customer service guidelines.
The list below is only one example of how AT&T handle
customer concerns such as returning of products with

1. The AT&T Return Policy.

a. Any customer can return any products within 30 days
from the purchase date. You can return the product if
you discovered that you had purchased an incorrect
part; if your product is defective upon your receipt
and if the product has damages due to handling and

b. A return authorization code numbers is required for
returned orders the purpose is to easily distinguish
original orders and to make sure that correct credit
is applied.

c. Return authorization code number should be
requested within thirty days upon the purchase date so
as to qualify for full credit.

d. Full credit means the original purchase price
including tax and any associated charges for handling
and shipping. Not all products or equipment are
entitled to full credit.

2. AT&T Return Processes

a. Look for your order number by referring to your
shipping confirmation emails, to the original packing
label or your AT&T Store order. Do this before making
the call.

b. Call the hotline 1-800-861-2974 between 10 am and
8pm (Eastern Standard Time) from Monday through
Saturday only. You should get the return authorization
code number after your call.

c. You may then be instructed to pack your equipment
using its original box and to send it within 30 days
upon the original date of purchase.

3. AT&T accepts Mastercard, American Express, Visa and
Discover. The store however reserves the right to
alter this agreement any time. The modification may be
effective immediately after posting of revised

4. Tax. Proper state sales taxes shall be
automatically computed and applied to purchases right
on time of sale.

5. Shipping and Handling. When your package is damaged
or lost, you can contact the customer assistance at
800-861-2974. Regular shipping arrives seven to ten
days after your purchase (these comprised business
days only). Expedited shipping on the other hand
arrives two days after your date of purchase.

Still a part of the customer service is the daily
communication of AT&T with thousands of its companies.
The company declared that customers are its no. 1
priority. AT&T representatives are provided with
regular training on AT&T services and technologies.
This is a part of the effort to continuously improve
the level of service they provide.

Having just “satisfied” customers are not acceptable
in customer service industry. Customers must always
have a great experience since this will be the best
proof of having an excellent customer service. AT&T
focused on this particular aspect thus they had become
one of the leading companies in our world today.

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