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Getting free phone telephone numbers with Dollar Digits is a snap. You don’t have to sign any contracts or follow any complicated steps. It’s as simple as:
1. Download the Free App
2. Pick Your Free Phone Number
3. Start Your Free Trial

Getting free second phone numbers for your smart phone is easy with Dollar Digits. Unlike your primary number for which you have to pay your mobile provider exorbitant amounts, a Dollar Digits phone number can be free of contracts and costs.

Dollar Digits is Giving Free Phone Numbers Away
The Dollar Digits app is completely free to download. Simply go to, Freenumber.dollardigits.com to create your number online, or the App Store or Google Play and download the free app. The app is as easy to download as a smartphone game and works on both Android and iPhone. Once the app has been downloaded, you can use the app to choose your new second phone number. The phone number will help to protect your primary number from unwanted calls and attention. The Dollar Digits phone numbers are currently free as well. Once you have your free phone number then you can decide on a plan. All phone numbers come with a free 3 day trial. Use your free 3 day trial to enjoy your new number and make free calls and send SMS messages.

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Even once your trial is over, there are still free calls to enjoy. Dollar Digits to Dollar Digits calls are always free. So as long as you and your friends all have the app, you can continue to talk free. Encourage your friends and family to download the free app as well so that you can all talk for free. If you start dating online, don’t just use Dollar Digits yourself, encourage your dates to use it as well. Then, not only will you be protecting your primary number, but you’ll also be talking for free. Private messaging is also free with Dollar Digits.-Free App

  • Free Phone Number
  • Free 3 Day Trial
  • Free Dollar Digit to Dollar Digit Calls
  • Free Private Messaging
  • Freedom from Contracts

Owning a free Dollar Digits phone number will allow you to make calls anonymously and send messages anonymously as well. This doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. The free Dollar Digits app will allow you to make free phone calls during the trial period and always if you are calling another Dollar Digits phone.

Freedom from Contracts
Using Dollar Digits’ free phone numbers allows you the freedom to use your primary number less. There’s no reason to waste money on an expensive plan and get locked into a contract with your mobile carrier when you can use Dollar Digits. Dollar Digits has no contracts and their free phone numbers give you the flexibility to make as few or as many calls as you want. As smartphone contracts from your mobile carrier get more and more complicated, Dollar Digits keeps it simple.

  • No Contracts
  • No Activation Fees
  • No Insurance Fees
  • No Backup Fees

Many people’s phone needs vary from month to month. One month you may need a lot of minutes, but another month you may only need to make a few phone calls. Dollar Digits doesn’t have contracts so use the plan that best fits your needs in any given month.

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Free Local Phone Numbers Any time, Online!

Free Phone Numbers from All Over
With Dollars Digits you aren’t restricted to phone numbers from only one country. Dollar Digit’s free phone numbers are from all over.
Get a Free Phone Number From:
-The United States
-United Kingdom
-And Many Others
Dollar Digits has a wide variety of free phone numbers for customers.

Free to Enjoy Your Privacy
Dollar Digits’ phone numbers aren’t just free, they also bring freedom. A Dollar Digits free phone number gives you freedom from harassment and unwanted attention. You’re free to enjoy your privacy with Dollar Digits. Dollar Digits helps you to protect your anonymity. Having an anonymous phone number gives you the freedom to be yourself.
Dollar Digits lets you talk to the world. You are free to show your personality and free to make romantic connections. Those aren’t the only things that are free though. The app is free. There are free phone numbers. Enjoy the free trial. And of course, be sure to take advantage of the free Dollar Digits to Dollar Digits calls.
Free phone numbers are at your fingertips with Dollar Digits. A phone number lets you connect to the world and with Dollar Digits’ incredible deals you’ll be able to connect for free.

Free online phone number
Create your fake phone number online > we text you the download link > install and start calling and picture texting, simple! Free number with $1.99 subscription! *Standard text rates apply


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