MOM HACK Saving Money On Kid’s Phone Bill

Saving Money On Kids Phone Bills [MOM HACK]

While mothers feel safe knowing their child has the ability to call them, buying an extra phone to put on the family plan can be costly. Buying kids their own phones is risky -it is difficult to regulate or limit their calls and texts. Limiting the number of friends they have nor how often they will want to call or text them is a part of purchasing your child’s phone. In order to save money on their phone bills, moms have discovered another, more affordable option:Tablets.

Phones for kids alternative
Phones for kids alternative


Unplugging the Phone

Tablets and not phones can lower monthly phone bills. It is important, however, that you do no confuse tablets with Phablets – phone sized tablets – that proliferate the market. The life hack is not buying a bigger phone, rather it is buying a tablet and then downloading apps to give it phone capabilities.

Phone apps for tablets, in addition to servicing calls and texting, can also be turned off during school hours or limited at set times. Children can use the tablet for school, word processing, or projects, and then turn on the phone app when homework is done. They are easier to carry than a laptop – but less costly than a phone plan. Phone apps available on tablets also tout different service packages so mothers are able to choose the price that is right for them.

Phone Apps for Tablets

There are a few different phone apps you can download. Each application has different features and service options to suit your needs. Some of these apps include: Google Voice, Dollar Digits, TalkaTone, Groove IP and others. Some of them tout free trials, service options, and low cost packages. Search the Google Play or Apple Store for “Phone apps”, view your options, and click download. Show your child how to use the app safely and effectively – and no longer feel obligated to purchasing another phone or adding yet another line to your phone bill.

Try it Out

Try out the different apps and determine which one is a best fit for your family. Enjoy a lower monthly bill with the same amount of calling options. Watch your kids as they explore learning on a tablet as opposed to a small phone screen.

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Download Dollar Digits for Google/Android
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Download Dollar Digits for Apple/iOS