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Anonymous [Fake] Private Phone Number For Calling & Texting

In the age of social media and constant need for interconnection, privacy can be hard to find.  With Dollar Digits Fake Phone Numbers you can reach out and connect to the world while still protecting your privacy.  Anonymous calls and anonymous texting from your Dollar Digits fake phone number app mean never having to worry about your security or privacy.

Online dating is increasing in popularity every day.  It can be a great way to meet the perfect partner, but giving out your phone number can also put you at risk for stalking and harassment.  You shouldn’t have to risk your safety and privacy just to meet someone.  With Dollar Digits you can safely and anonymously text and talk with people from all over the world.  Dollar Digits lets you cheaply and easily add a second line to your smartphone.  You can give this second phone number out without fear of risk to your personal privacy.  If anyone begins harassing or bothering you on your second line, you can quickly and simply change to a new number.

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Exchanging phone numbers is a natural part of any online relationship, but fear of harassment can make many people reluctant to take this step.  Don’t let anxiety prevent your relationship from progressing.  Being able to make anonymous calls will give you the security you need to keep your relationship moving forward.  It’s natural and smart to be worried about giving personal information like a phone number to someone you’ve just met.  Dollar Digits is a three-in-one,fake phone number app, anonymous texting app and private messaging app which lets you share and connect while maintaining your anonymity.

Fake Phone Numbers Give Your Privacy

Dollar Digits fake phone number app give you the power and protection of anonymity, while still letting you be yourself.  With the security of anonymous calling and messaging and an easy to change numbers, you won’t have to worry about showing the world the real you.  Whether it’s through casual and fun text messages or through long and serious talks, with private calling and text messaging you will be able to fully and confidently connect with your online friends without risking your safety.

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Anyone who has ever dealt with harassment knows the stress of having to change their primary phone number to avoid threatening calls and messages.  With Dollar Digits you’ll never have to worry about that.  Private call, text, and messaging on a secondary line means that your primary line will be completely safe from harassment.

Because of the inconvenience of changing a primary number, many people deal with harassment for far longer than they need to and don’t take the necessary step of disconnecting their number until the situation has escalated.  Because changing numbers is so easy with Dollar Digits, you don’t have to wait until things have gone too far before switching to a new fake phone number.  If something doesn’t seem right about the person you are talking to, you can get a new anonymous number with none of the hassles of changing a traditional line.  Getting a burner number from Dollar Digits can prevent stress and frustration down the road.

Anonymous calling and text messaging with Dollar Digits will let you be the confident extrovert you’ve always known you can be.  Private calling and text messaging let’s you feel safe to be you.