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Atlanta Business Phone Numbers and Business Lines

Whether you are looking to add a business line for your startup or expand an existing company into the Atlanta area, a second phone number is available right now! Choose an Atlanta phone number with a local area code. Give customers a local line for your nationwide or local business. List your new phone number on your website, advertising, and brochures.

What Phone Numbers Are Available in Atlanta

No matter your business, you can find many Atlanta numbers with local area codes. Simply download the Dollar Digits Phone Number App, type in the area or area codes you are looking for and select your new business phone number.

Can I have More Than One Atlanta Business Number?

Entrepreneurs and businesses use more than one number for their business. One number can be used for in house calls, another for advertising purposes, and a third for vendors. Dollar Digits lets business owners add more than one line to their phone. Add one, two, or three lines to your phone.

Website Numbers and Telemarketers

When business list one number on their website, it can become the target of telemarketing calls, insurance scams, and fraudulent credit card companies. The nice thing about Dollar Digits is that you can delete the phone number with the click of a button, end the calls, and add a new number free of incessant calls.


Addition Business Features:

After downloading your Atlanta business line, your second phone number belongs to you. The Dollar Digits Phone Number App allows you to silence call notifications when you are in business meetings, leaving the office for the day, or on vacation. Contact other carriers to transfer your number to another phone. Use a Dollar Digits number as your personal CEO number. Read more information on the Dollar Digits website for additional resources:

Dollar Digits Features

Two or more numbers on an existing cell phone

Text messaging, picture messaging, and voicemail

Turn off notifications

Private messaging between Dollar Digits Users

Self-destruct messages for confidential information

Easy to Delete and Add new phone numbers


Add A New Line. Start A Small Business. Manage an Existing Business. Grow Your Company.

Free online phone number
Create your fake phone number online > we text you the download link > install and start calling and picture texting, simple! Free number with $1.99 subscription! *Standard text rates apply


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