A “Dating Phone Number” Can Help You Avoid Harassment

More Women Are Experiencing Harassment in Online Dating

Over 850,000 American adults are victims of cyber-stalking each year. The majority of these people are women. Articles across the web have noted the harassment women are often subjected to on dating apps. Sometimes harassers are subtler though. They may wait until the relationship has progressed to begin their harassment. They may even wait until the woman has given them their phone number before their inappropriate calls and messages begin. If the harassment is taking place off of a dating app it can be even more difficult to combat. No one wants to change their phone number because of the inconvenience.  Unfortunately, some women this may be the only way to force their harasser to stop. Time Magazine notes that sometimes this harassment is part of a pattern of intensified stalking.   This may even escalate to physical violence. No one should have to deal with this harassment, but unfortunately many law enforcement agencies are still struggling with how to deal with this growing problem.

People can’t live their lives in fear or avoid dating just because these things exist. So many women have turned to apps like Dollar Digits to avoid dating harassment. By using a dating phone number, which they give out to potential partners instead of their primary number, they are able to protect their privacy and their primary number from harassment and unwanted advances.

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Get Your Dating Phone Number Today, and Keep Who You Really Are, Private!

Dating Phone Numbers Make Dating Online, Easier.

These women have realized that they can’t control the behavior of others, but they can take steps to protect themselves. Using an anonymous phone number from Dollar Digits allows them to provide online dates with a convenient way to call or text them. If, however, the relationship begins to turn abusive or anything just doesn’t feel right, the women can quickly cancel that phone number without it having any impact on their primary number. Nothing can prevent the pain and embarrassment that a cruel or threatening text or call can inflict, but a dating phone number from Dollar Digits gives daters an easy way to prevent harassers from contacting them.

Online harassment can happen to people from all walks of life and while the victims often feel guilt and shame, they did nothing to deserve it. Dating and navigating the internet can be stressful enough without dealing with the fear of harassment.