Second Line For Business Or Private

Second Phone Number for business, or private

Have you ever wanted a second phone line?  Maybe you wanted it to expand your business.  Maybe you wanted it to help keep your personal life and your work life separate.  Maybe you met someone and didn’t feel comfortable giving them your primary phone number. Regardless of the reason, you may have hesitated when you saw how much a traditional second phone line with its own number can cost.  Maybe you worried about being locked into a complicated contract with one of the phone companies.  With Dollar Digits you don’t have to hesitate any longer.  Dollar Digits makes it easy to get a second phone number on your smart phone.

The Dollar Digits app is the fast and affordable way to get a second phone line for your smartphone phone.  With Dollar Digits there’s no expensive activation fee or complicated contract.  You don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of swapping SIM cards.  You just download the Dollar Digits Second phone Number App and buy a number.  It’s as simple as purchasing the newest mobile game and much more useful.

Dollar Digits isn’t just easy, it’s cheap as well.  A second phone number shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, and with Dollar Digits it won’t.  With Dollar Digits you can download the app free from Google Play or the Apple App Store.  We’re so sure you’ll love the anonymity and convenience of Dollar Digits that we’ll let you trial a private number free for three days.

Better than a burner phone, Dollar Digits App has some special features…image of phone with dollar digits app

With the multiple plans to choose from, Dollar Digits has a package that’s right for you.  Whether you just need a few minutes a month or you want unlimited talk and text, there’s a second line plan that’s perfect for your needs.  Dollar Digits gives you both inbound and outbound calling with all the anonymity you could ever need.

Dollar Digits isn’t just for phone calls either.  You can use your anonymous number to text and send picture and video messages as well.  You can also create a personalized voicemail message just like with your primary number.  All Dollar Digits plans include call forwarding as well.  Dollar Digits gives you all the perks of a second phone line, without all the hassle and expenses of traditional phone companies.

Selling online?  Dollar Digits is perfect when you need to protect your real identity…learn more

Private Messaging and Dollar Digits to Dollar Digits calls are always free so encourage all your friends to add a second line with Dollar Digits as well.  Dollar Digits marries privacy, affordability, and convenience in one simple package.  Talk and text anonymously from anywhere in the US, UK, or Canada.

With Dollar Digits changing phone numbers is easy.  If you regret giving out your Dollar Digits number to someone, then you can just get a new number. Perfect for online dating, if you give your number to the wrong person, ditch the number and start over..

A second dedicated phone number can help simply your personal or business life and a burner number from Dollar Digits will help ensure that you can keep your primary number safe and private.  Try a free trial of Dollar Digits and see how the privacy and convenience of a second phone line can change your life.