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Need A Temporary Phone Number?  Dollar Digits APP Might Be The Answer!

There are a wide variety of reasons to consider using a temporary phone number.  These reasons may range from personal to professional.  Regardless of the reason you are considering a temporary phone number, the Dollar Digits app may be the perfect solution to your temporary phone number needs.

The Dollar Digits app is easy to download.  You don’t have to go to any strange or questionable websites; just go to the App Store or Google Play to download the Dollar Digits app.  Downloading the app is completely free of charge.  After you have downloaded the app you just click free number, create a number, and verify your account.  Then you’re ready to go.  You will then have a 3 day free phone number trial to ensure that Dollar Digits is right for you.  During the trial you will have access to both talk and text messaging.  Once your trial has expired you can just pick the plan that works best for you.  Whether you want a weekly, monthly, yearly, or pay as you go plan, Dollar Digits can meet your needs.

Temporary phone number app for smartphones
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Because Dollar Digits never has contracts you can change and cancel plans as your needs change.  Need a new plan?  No problem!  Need a different number?  Not an issue at all!  With Dollar Digits you’ll find that Dollar Digits to Dollar Digits calls are always free, as is private self destruct messaging.  With Dollar Digits you can be confident that your privacy will be protected.  Not only is their private self destruct messaging free, but any calls or texts made using Dollar Digits will never appear on your regular phone bill.  Dollar Digits is perfect for SMS and MMS messaging as well as talking.  It also has call forwarding.

Second Phone Numbers for Businesses

There are a variety of reasons people choose to use Dollar Digit’s temporary phone numbers.  They are a great choice for people starting their own small business.  Because Dollar Digits allows users to create their own personalized voice mail message, you can be sure that Dollar Digits will give your business the professionalism you need without the expense of purchasing another device.  Even though the Dollar Digits numbers can be temporary, you can keep them for as long as you want.  more…

Second Phone Numbers for Online Sellers

If you are interested in buying or selling things on Craig’s List or any other online trading sites, you may be leery of providing your primary phone number or too much other personal information.  This is entirely reasonable.  A temporary number from Dollar Digits can be the perfect way to let people contact you without giving out your primary number.  more…

Second Phone Numbers for Datingdollar digits screenshot

Another common online dilemma is how to let potential dates from online dating sites contact you.  After a few messages through the site, many people want to move onto phone calls or texts.  This is reasonable, but you may not want to give out your primary number yet.  Harassment is an all too common issue and protecting your privacy can be a smart choice.  By using a temporary number from Dollar Digits you will be able to call and text your new friend, without giving them access to your primary number.  They will also be able to call and text you as well.  If you want to you can even encourage your new partner to download Dollar Digits.  Then your calls through Dollar Digits will be free and you’ll both be able to take advantage of the free private self destruct messaging.  You can move your relationship to the next level while also protecting your privacy with Dollar Digits.  more…

Regardless of why you are considering Dollar Digits, it is one of the best second phone number apps on the market and its affordable rates and free trial ensure that everyone can take advantage of it.  Dollar Digits can help to enhance your dating or business experience as you’ll no longer have to worry about wasting minutes on your primary phone plan, wondering who is looking at your phone bills, or worrying that people are hearing voicemail greetings not intended for them.  By using Dollar Digits instead of a burner phone for your second phone number, you’ll avoid the hassle of fumbling with devices and the annoyance of explaining why you have two phones.  Dollar Digits lets you keep using the device you like, while giving you all the advantages of a burner phone.  You have your own anonymous second phone number, voicemail, messaging, and an incredibly affordable rate.

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