Avoid Online Harassment with Second Phone Number App

Prevent Online Harassment With Dollar Digits Second Phone Number App

Since the advancement of technology and the Internet, people have been more free and expressive. They’re able to easily message their loved ones, friends and colleagues. It’s basically a perfect solution for everyone who needs to reach others despite the distance and time difference. However, there are also disadvantages in using the Internet. The rise of cyber bullying and stalking has been alarmingly increasing than ever. Such devious actions can potentially harm the personality, reputation and privacy of their victims. It’s a sad situation but unfortunately it has been happening around the globe.

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A second phone number app offered by Dollar Digits can be helpful in a lot of ways, including the prevention of online harassment and social media bullying. It might not solve all cyberstalking problems but can assure a particular protection by hiding your real number, which can stop offensive and abusive communication once and for all.

Most messaging apps, such as Tango, Viber Whatsapp, Snapchat, WeChat, require users to register with their phone numbers. This is another example of an easy and more convenient way to comminute with other people. But like what’s mentioned above, there are downsides of using this kind of application. There have been reports in which women, and even men, are harassed online using one of those apps. It’s difficult to stop people calling every minute of the day, sending abusive text messages or sharing offensive and vulgar images if they know you’re number. Unless you change your number or take a more legal matters which can also be a daunting and expensive option, do not expect those people to stop. But if you use a second phone number app, you can easily stop that kind of abuse.

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 — Second phone number app offer free number online. Dollar Digits, a newly launched second phone number app, is currently offering free phone numbers. While the app has not been out long, it is already one of the fastest growing second phone number apps. The current offer of free numbers is bound to increase the app’s popularity even more. This is not the first free service Dollar Digits has launched. Downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play is already free. As are Dollar Digits to Dollar Digits calls. The Dollar Digits free phone number also comes with a free 3-daytrial plan. As Dollar Digits does not rely on contracts, it is easy for users to pick the best plan for them. Dollar Digits’ free phone numbers allow users to send or receive calls anonymously. While privacy is a major concern many Dollar Digits customers, they are also excited about the affordable rates on minutes and the free phone number.

Dollar Digits is quickly gaining in popularity with online daters. People are often reluctant to give out their phone number to new online friends. Using a Dollar Digits disposable phone number is allowing people to feel comfortable giving out their number early in their dating relationship. Now that phone numbers are free, online daters can encourage their significant other to use a Dollar Digits number as well. This is especially wise as Dollar Digits to Dollar Digits calls are free. Dollar Digits is quickly making dating less stressful and complicated for online daters. Providing a Dollar Digits number instead of a primary number is also an option for people who meet in bars or in any other location. The fewer people who have access to a primary number, the lower the chance of their being a problem.

Creator and owner Jack Lombardi is excited to offer more options to mobile phone users. The free phone numbers will allow users to try Dollar Digits with no risk and with no expenses. After their free 3-day trial users can then decide if they would like to buy a plan and continue using their free phone number. The free phone number is not only for phone calls, but can also send and receive texts as well.

About Dollar Digits: Dollardigits.com is one of the leading anonymous phone number apps and provides users with a private phone number. This number is disposable but can be used for as long as a user wants. This phone number has messaging and voicemail and can be used in the same way as a primary number. Dollar Digits is pleased to see that their app is helping to give mobile phone users more options when communicating.

How does second phone number app exactly help prevent online harassment?

The Dollar digits second phone number app is a disposable second phone number mobile application, which means people can modify the number whenever they need to. They are allowed to get a free phone number to use in registering to one of the messaging apps and social media platforms. There is no need to use your primary number and this allows you to control who can know the phone number you’re using on a daily basis. You can separate numbers depending on how they are used – for family, work, business, social interactions, dating sites, etc.

In other words, this is a great solution to stop communication with people who are causing troubles and fears. You may have given your disposable number to them but after finding out their misleading motives and intentions you can just shut them down easily and without spending a huge amount of money by deleting that number and getting a new free number.

Remember that online stalkers and bullies can be stopped in harassing you if they don’t have access to any form of communication linking to you. And that’s exactly what this second phone number app can do for you – privacy and protection.

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