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My Experience Using A Second Phone Number App

I recently tried using a second phone number app launched by Dollar Digits and have no regrets! At first, I felt a little skeptical thinking it’s just another app that could mainly affect my wallet. To my surprise and amazement, I find it very useful and surely you would like it too.

Since I’m an avid user of many social media apps, I couldn’t keep registering the same number that I primarily use for my personal contacts. Likewise, buying an extra phone is not a practical option. That’s when I gave this disposable phone number app a try.

Based on my personal experience, this is amazing as it is super easy and very convenient to use. Not only that, it’s fairly affordable. What is $1.99 a month compared to the regular phone bills charged by big name providers, such as Verizon, AT&T and Sprint? It’s definitely worth it and you won’t regret it!

Technically, it’s a virtual number that anyone can use by simply downloading the app, choosing a plan, selecting a code area, and you’d be given a free number instantly! Like a regular number, the free digits can be used to call your family, text your friends and share video or photos. I do use it for Whatsapp, Snapchat and Tinder too. To learn more about this amazing second phone number app, read more below.

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Second phone number app offer free number online. Dollar Digits, a newly launched second phone number app, is currently offering free phone numbers. While the app has not been out long, it is already one of the fastest growing second phone number apps. The current offer of free numbers is bound to increase the app’s popularity even more. This is not the first free service Dollar Digits has launched. Downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play is already free. As are Dollar Digits to Dollar Digits calls. The Dollar Digits free phone number also comes with a free 3-daytrial plan. As Dollar Digits does not rely on contracts, it is easy for users to pick the best plan for them. Dollar Digits’ free phone numbers allow users to send or receive calls anonymously. While privacy is a major concern many Dollar Digits customers, they are also excited about the affordable rates on minutes and the free phone number.

Dollar Digits is quickly gaining in popularity with online daters. People are often reluctant to give out their phone number to new online friends. Using a Dollar Digits disposable phone number is allowing people to feel comfortable giving out their number early in their dating relationship. Now that phone numbers are free, online daters can encourage their significant other to use a Dollar Digits number as well. This is especially wise as Dollar Digits to Dollar Digits calls are free. Dollar Digits is quickly making dating less stressful and complicated for online daters. Providing a Dollar Digits number instead of a primary number is also an option for people who meet in bars or in any other location. The fewer people who have access to a primary number, the lower the chance of their being a problem.

Creator and owner Jack Lombardi is excited to offer more options to mobile phone users. The free phone numbers will allow users to try Dollar Digits with no risk and with no expenses. After their free 3-day trial users can then decide if they would like to buy a plan and continue using their free phone number. The free phone number is not only for phone calls, but can also send and receive texts as well.

About Dollar Digits: is one of the leading anonymous phone number apps and provides users with a private phone number. This number is disposable but can be used for as long as a user wants. This phone number has messaging and voicemail and can be used in the same way as a primary number. Dollar Digits is pleased to see that their app is helping to give mobile phone users more options when communicating.

For more information on Dollar Digits and their anonymous phone number app and free phone number please go to to learn more about the company and their services. For more information, please visit

My point is that you can help lessen your worries and feel a little more comfortable giving your number to people you don’t know that much. Not only that, having a second number can provide you ease in separating your contacts and making business transactions. All these are true as I’ve experienced them myself. Hence, I’m not going to uninstall this app anytime soon. This phone number app is a life saver. Why don’t you try and see for yourself too? This app is super easy to install and use! Good for business, personal use and as well as for online dating! Download the app for a 3 day trial period available at App Store and Google Play, search for the dollardigits icons, tap it and download, so easy and enjoy the amazing feature of the app. Go for monthly plans or lifetime and have an unlimited number with Dollar Digits, second phone number app! 


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